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DOD deeply represents a lifestyle that is influenced by a way of thinking. This way of thinking involves being respectfully accepting of cultural differences regardless of political, religious, racial, social or national orientation. With strong effort, DOD will serve to create and encourage the celebration of cultural difference as Unity, Liberty, and Equality is the base morals of DOD’s values. The idea to think and act in this fashion is not new nor revolutionizing. However, it is an idea that has never been embraced adequately ever before. So it is DOD’s mission to be the leading brand and agency in unifying people worldwide.

DOD also serves to embrace the empowerment of one's self that aims to Liberate and Unify others. It is a lifestyle that requires one to be humble and patient while at the same time be brave and ambitious. DOD aims to attract those that work or volunteer to enrich people's lives. DOD will do so through hosting events, selling clothing, and providing marketing services.   

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